Concrete mould is a strong, elegant and modern system on which you may give whichever shape you want and that relieves you of the preparation of classical wooden moulds, adze, nail, wire. You can easily install the ready system we manufactured for you and fill in it and enjoy
What is Concrete Mould?
Raising a building and sheltering for human is as old as the history of humanity. Idea of building a wall by piling stone, adobe may be excited the primitive men, but we know that this idea had been applied for thousand of years. So, why humankind uses the same system in the 21st century? Was technology, improvement, knowledge, touched the construction sector slightly? Answer of ÖMEROĞLU CONCRETE MOULD is NO. If concrete is a firm material and if it can be shaped, we relief from classical systems by having technology. A patterned firm wall; we only make concrete moulds for practical application. Now, the concrete is not only a mortar, but also the wall, balcony, minaret, column.
Technology is at disposal of aesthetic. 
When passing by a historical building, something that turns our head to look at it is its elegance and beauty. Our ancestors made a lot of efforts and treated it. They treated it like an embroidery on a fabric, but despite technology, today our homes, streets and cities got ugly "we became concreted", but this is not the guilt of concrete, it was our guilt to use it wrongly. "We will relief concrete from bad image". We say that;
You imagine and we will do!
Would you be excited to have an image which you completely desired on your balcony and on your garden wall? If so, you just demand and we will do. If you wish, select one of the patterns. If you wish, we may write you company name. Now, tulips spring up from concrete. Palm trees grow up. Waters are babbling under the bridge. You say! It is difficult and expensive to apply this modern system? We say! You are wrong. Our moulds are never disposable materials. They would not be deformed for 4-5 years and you can you for many times. Your money will not go to waste and pays for itself within a short period of time. Its installation is practical and does not need any special competence-specialty.
Not finished
You can color elegant appearance of the ÖMEROĞLU CONCRETE MOULDS and crown the patterns with whichever color you desire, because our moulds offers you a smooth and even surface. The mission falls to you is to buy an exterior paint and to dye it, and then just enjoy it. 
If you have a construction company or if you are a construction foreman; you will make or have made your minaret, balcony or garden wall. Our concrete moulds will simplify your work so muc